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We Muslims hypocrites: Daesh, it is us

Sharia “invented” by Ulemas and taught in Islamic schools is the same law practiced by the Islamic State militants. The “religious jurisprudence, founded more than 10 centuries ago,” has “chained and rusted our brain and that of our children.” It is urgent to modernize the Muslim religion and free it from the ambiguities linked to the past. The courageous appeal of a young Algerian Muslim student.

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Paris (AsiaNews, Kamel Abderrahmani) – After the massacre at the hands of Daesh or some Islamic terrorist, then comes the time of the game for the attributions of responsibilities. Many Western people accuse the Muslim religion; the Islamic world tries to ward off all ties between violence and Islam saying immediately: “This is not Islam.” The same happened in these days, after the terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Baghdad and Dhaka, claimed by the Islamic State in a more or less official form. Just hours after these massacres, we received this short reflection on behalf of a young Algerian (Muslim) student. He is 27-year-old and lives in France. He accuses the Islamic world of hypocrisy as on one hand they reject the work of Daesh, while on the other they dream of establishing the Sharia in the entire world. The young author stresses the need for Muslims to reform and modernize their faith, abandoning those elements related to the historical past of the Islamic community, and (unfortunately) usually “preached in our mosques and taught in our schools.”

Daesh, we and the clergy [Muslim]!

Today I decided to take a stand to defend the Islamic State before all those who say that what they practice it is not the Islamic Sharia. Daesh is not hypocritical. It is frank, direct and true. How dare we say that Daesh does not represent the real sharia? A sharia invented by our “ulemas”, preached in our mosques and taught in our schools? Today this same Sharia is fully implemented on the ground by the Islamic State.

[It] is the result of our ideas and our religious jurisprudence, founded more than 10 centuries ago. Let us have a look at how the clerical establishment has chained and rusted our brain and that of our children. Let’s look at how it has excommunicated [intellectuals] lights like Averroes, Ibn Sina, [Mohammed] Arkoun, … the list is very long.
We want a caliphate similar to that of the prophet as described in our books and preached by our imams in their sermons. It is a utopia taught for centuries!

Let’s stop denouncing this State and let’s stop blaspheming it. It is not easy to get rid of it because it is the legitimate child of our jurisprudence. And finally, if we really have this intention, let’s get rid of our jurisprudence and our sharia law that brought it to life. This sharia does not come from  God but from the devil. Let’s stop giving it a sacred character!

And above all, do not try to accuse the Mossad, the CIA, and other “unbelievers”! Ten centuries ago they did not exist. No foreign hand has enacted diabolical laws such as amputation of hands for thieves! Let us not be unjust, is not Mossad who did pass the stoning of the adulteress as a divine law! It is not the CIA that invented the execution of the apostate …. but our “shouyoukhs” [Koranic doctors, elders] did, with their cheap jurisprudence.

If today the US help us to realize our dream (the “evil” State), for their interests, we must thank them because that is also the goal of our jurisprudence. We must also applaud the courageous members of Daesh. They are not hypocrites like us. They literally apply the recommendations of our Koranic scholars.

Our position is really contradictory, confused, dishonest, hypocritical. We share the same sharia with Daesh, but unfortunately we assume and we continue saying that Daesh does not represent us! It is really strange!

We do not want the establishment of a caliphate?
We do not want to establish our sharia?

If the answer is “yes”, we have only two choices. Either we join and make allegiance with Daesh, and stop playing the comedy, or we reform our vision of Islam and polish off the old stuff, ie the Sharia and jurisprudence invented by the ulema! We must decide before it’s too late.


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Combonianum è stato una pubblicazione interna di condivisione sul carisma di Comboni. Assegnando questo nome al blog, ho voluto far rivivere questo titolo, ricco di storia e patrimonio carismatico.
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Combonianum was an internal publication of sharing on Comboni’s charism. By assigning this name to the blog, I wanted to revive this title, rich in history and charismatic heritage.
The subtitle
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I am a Comboni missionary with ALS. I opened and continue to curate this blog (through the eye pointer), animated by the desire to stay in touch with the life of the world and of the Church, and thus continue my small service to the mission.
My interests: missionary themes, spirituality (I was in charge of formation) and biblical themes (I studied biblical theology at the PUG in Rome)

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