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Oral Literature: Why the Bat flies at night


0nce upon a time, the bat and the bush-rat were great friends. All day long they would go hunting in the bush together, dodging between the tall grasses and the stunted trees, and finding good things to eat. When evening came, they would take turns to cook the meal and then eat it together.

But in spite of their apparent friendship, the bat did not like the bush-rat; in fact, he hated him. One evening while they were eating their supper, the bush-rat asked: “Why is your soup always so much nicer than mine? Will you show me how you make it?” “I’ll show you tomorrow”, replied the bat, his evil plan already forming in his mind.

The next day the bat prepared the soup as usual. It was delicious, for he was certainly a very good cook. Then he hid the pot and found another one exactly like it which he filled with warm water. A few minutes later the bush-rat appeared and greeted the bat cheerfully.

“Good evening. Are you going to show me how you make your soup?”

“Watch me – said the wicked bat -, and I will explain how it is done. You see, I always boil myself in the soup-pot just before the meal is served, and because my flesh is so sweet, it flavours the soup.”

The bush-rat was amazed as the bat brought out the pot of warm water and jumped inside crying: “See. This is the boiling soup.”

After a few moments the bat climbed out again, and then quickly changed over the cooking-pots while the bush-rat was not looking. Then he served out the soup, which was as tasty as usual, and explained to the bush-rat that if he would only jump into his own cooking-pot of boiling soup the flavour would be much improved.

The bush-rat decided to try it and, since it was his turn to provide the supper the next evening, he sent his wife away from the fire just as the soup was nearly ready, telling her that he was going to finish it himself in the way the bat had taught him.

The bush-rat leapt into the pot and, of course, was soon quite dead. His poor wife found him there when she returned, and went weeping and wailing to the chief telling him that it was all the bat’s fault.

The chief was very angry at the way in which the bat had tricked the stupid bush-rat, and immediately gave orders that he should be arrested. But although everyone searched high and low, they could not find him, for he had been flying over the chief’s house when the order to capture him had been given, and so had quickly hidden himself in the bush.

The next day, and all the following days, the people searched for the bat to arrest him, but he kept quite high up in a hollow tree where nobody could find him. However, he had to hunt for food sometimes, and so flew out of his hiding-place each night. That is why you never see a bat in the day-time. (Folktale from Nigeria)


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San Daniele Comboni (1831-1881)


Combonianum è stato una pubblicazione interna di condivisione sul carisma di Comboni. Assegnando questo nome al blog, ho voluto far rivivere questo titolo, ricco di storia e patrimonio carismatico.
Il sottotitolo Spiritualità e Missione vuole precisare l’obiettivo del blog: promuovere una spiritualità missionaria.

Combonianum was an internal publication of sharing on Comboni’s charism. By assigning this name to the blog, I wanted to revive this title, rich in history and charismatic heritage.
The subtitle
Spirituality and Mission wants to specify the goal of the blog: to promote a missionary spirituality.

Sono un comboniano affetto da Sla. Ho aperto e continuo a curare questo blog (tramite il puntatore oculare), animato dal desiderio di rimanere in contatto con la vita del mondo e della Chiesa, e di proseguire così il mio piccolo servizio alla missione.
I miei interessi: tematiche missionarie, spiritualità (ho lavorato nella formazione) e temi biblici (ho fatto teologia biblica alla PUG di Roma)

I am a Comboni missionary with ALS. I opened and continue to curate this blog (through the eye pointer), animated by the desire to stay in touch with the life of the world and of the Church, and thus continue my small service to the mission.
My interests: missionary themes, spirituality (I was in charge of formation) and biblical themes (I studied biblical theology at the PUG in Rome)

Manuel João Pereira Correia


Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica. Immagini, foto e testi sono spesso scaricati da Internet, pertanto chi si ritenesse leso nel diritto d’autore potrà contattare il curatore del blog, che provvederà all’immediata rimozione del materiale oggetto di controversia. Grazie.


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