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OGF 9/2017 The Three Comings of Christ

There are three comings of Jesus. Christ did come in the past, Christ does come right now, and Christ will come in the future. If you don’t mind me saying it in a more poetic way, Our Lord comes to us in history, mystery, and majesty.

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OGF 8/2017 Advent reflections

Each year we prepare a month in advance, for our Christmas celebration. This time is called “Advent”, in latin “ad-venire”, in Spanish “lo/el que viene”, in English “the coming of someone or something”. But there are two ways in which we can prepare and celebrate Christmas.

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OGF 7/2017 Fountain of Life, Fire of Love

There is a deep longing in the human heart for enduring love, and because God is love (cf. 1 Jn 4:8), this deep longing is really a longing for God. God alone can ultimately fulfill this longing of the human heart because He Himself created us with this innermost desire for Him, although so often we do not consciously realize its true source.

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OGF 6/2017 Tell us, Mary, what did you see!

I think that one of the great New Testament Biblical characters to put on the “lamp-stand of our house” (Matthew 5, 15) is Mary Magdalene, the woman of the great daybreak, the first messenger of the Resurrection. She is the image of the passionate Church Wife, looking for her Lord.

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OGF 5/2017 Nouwen – Can you drink the cup?

HENRI J.M. NOUWEN is the author of more than thirty books. He taught at the University of Notre Dame, as well as Yale and Harvard Universities. From 1986 until his death in September, 1996, he was pastor of the L’Arche Daybreak community in Toronto where he shared his life with people with mental disabilities. The present text is taken from the introduction and last chapter of his book Can you drink the cup? (AVE MARIA PRESS Notre Dame, Indiana – 1996)

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OGF 4/2017 Joseph’s vocation

St. Joseph is a key figure in understanding some of the essential dimensions of the Christian vocation. Let us consider four of them: protecting life, living fairly, letting God be the protagonist in our life, cultivating the mystical dimension. They highlight why the Church holds up Saint Joseph as a model for all Christians.

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OGF 3/2017 Blessed, Broken and Shared

In a spirituality which is focused on others and their needs, the Eucharist becomes first of all a time to remember: to remember, in thanksgiving, how this community, to which we have committed ourselves, began, namely through the total self-sacrifice of its founder and leader, the Risen Jesus, and to recall, once again, the core value of self-sacrificing love by which the community is to live.

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OGF 2/2017 What kind of vocations for a renewed consecrated life?

Either the vc will understand this cultural period of transit and once more adopt a deeply relational and communal approach, or it will risk placing itself outside the meaningful human context, no longer meeting any demand or any aspect, any expectation held by men and women today, and, therefore, having nothing more to say, no image to present, no appeal.
My working hypothesis is that the new image of the vc should first and foremost be that of relationship. “Relationship” in its widest and most essential meaning, precisely because relationships are at the basis of human life.

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OGF 1/2017 Synod of Bishops 2018 – Preparatory Document

My Dear Young People,
I am pleased to announce that in October 2018 a Synod of Bishops will take place to treat the topic: “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.” I wanted you to be the centre of attention, because you are in my heart. Today, the Preparatory Document is being presented, a document which I am also entrusting to you as your “compass” on this synodal journey.

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Nazareth is the town of Mary, thus the echoes of childhood surface once again! Nazareth has hosted silences, disquietudes and, above all, dreams. The dream of Mary who, in her listening, was ready to welcome centuries of Biblical memories. The dream of Joseph, the young carpenter, who trusted an angel and, like children, put every calculation aside. “Here everything has a voice, everything has a meaning. (….). Oh! How much willingly we would like to be children again and sit at this humble and sublime school of Nazareth…

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OGF 12/2016 Misericordia et misera

MISERICORDIA ET MISERA is a phrase used by Saint Augustine in recounting the story of Jesus’ meeting with the woman taken in adultery (cf. Jn 8:1-11). It would be difficult to imagine a more beautiful or apt way of expressing the mystery of God’s love when it touches the sinner: “the two of them alone remained: mercy with misery”.

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OGF 11/2016 Living the dialogue in the Church

The dialogue is not a doctrinal truth; it is not just an ingredient, essential though it is. It is the figure of a new way of “being Church” and of “building Church”.

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Evangelical Fidelity and personal satisfaction.
Our religious profession implies two dimensions: our life and our mission. In our life, it appears impossible to mark the boundaries between life and mission since everything in our is based on the evangelizing mission.

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OGF 9/2016 The good odour of Christ and the light of his mercy.

Let us hope that the Lord will grant us what we sought in prayer: to imitate Jesus’ example of patience, and with that patience to overcome all our difficulties.
This, our third meditation, is entitled: The good odour of Christ and the light of his mercy.
In this third meeting, I propose that we meditate on the works of mercy, by taking whichever one we feel is most closely linked to our charism, and by looking at them as a whole. We can contemplate them through the merciful eyes of Our Lady

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OGF 8/2016 The vessel of mercy

After meditating on the “embarrassed dignity” and “dignified embarrassment” that are the fruits of mercy, let us continue by considering the “vessel of mercy”. This is not something complicated. Let me simply say that the vessel of mercy is our sin. It is that simple.

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OGF 7/2016 From estrangement to celebration

Spiritual Retreat Given Pope Francis On the occasion of the Jubilee for Priests.
Let us begin this day of spiritual retreat. I think it will benefit us to pray for one another, in communion. A retreat, but all of us in communion! I have chosen the theme of mercy. First, a short introduction for the entire retreat.

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OGF 6/2016 For a spirituality of joy

Today they often mention the rediscovery of beauty as expression of a necessary integration with the truth and the goodness, the two pillars or the two classically transcendent things. I debate to introduce a forth pillar, that of joy, of happiness and beatitude. Joy is an intimate desire of every person, a constant not always satisfied research, the promise of somebody who keeps on inviting us to live in joy, also amidst trials and persecutions. We must add “God is joy”.

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OGF 5/2016 Nouwen – Becoming the Father

When, four years ago, I went to Saint Petersburg to see Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son, I had little idea how much I would have to live what I then saw. I stand with awe at the place where Rembrandt brought me. He led me from the kneeling, dishevelled young son to the standing, bent-over old father, from the place of being blessed to the place of blessing. As I look at my own aging hands, I know that they have been given to me to stretch out toward all who suffer, to rest upon the shoulders of all who come, and to offer the blessing that emerges from the immensity of God’s love.

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OGF 4/2016 Nouwen – The Father

Here is the God I want to believe in: a Father who, from the beginning of creation, has stretched out his arms in merciful blessing, never forcing himself on anyone, but always waiting; never letting his arms drop down in despair, but always hoping that his children will return so that he can speak words of love to them and let his tired arms rest on their shoulders. His only desire is to bless.

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OGF 3/2016 Nouwen – The Elder Son

The return of the elder son is becoming as important to me as – if not more important than – the return of the younger son. How will the elder son look when he is free from his complaints, free from his anger, resentments, and jealousies? Because the parable tells us nothing about the response of the elder son, we are left with the choice of listening to the Father or of remaining imprisoned in our self-rejection.

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OGF 2/2016 Nouwen – The Younger Son

The full tide of Rembrandt’s painting is, as has been said, The Return of the Prodigal Son. Implicit in the “return” is a leaving. Returning is a homecoming after a home-leaving, a coming back after having gone away. The father who welcomes his son home is so glad because this son “was dead and has come back to life; he was lost and is found.” The immense joy in welcoming back the lost son hides the immense sorrow that has gone before. The finding has the losing in the background, the returning has the leaving under its cloak. Looking at the tender and joy-filled return, I have to dare to taste the sorrowful events that preceded it. Only when I have the courage to explore in depth what it means to leave home, can I come to a true understanding of the return.

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OGF 1/2016 Nouwen – The Return of the Prodigal Son

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the untimely death of Henri Nouwen (1932-1996) – widely regarded as one of the most profound and influential spiritual writers of the 20th Century.
“The Return of the Prodigal Son” is Nouwen’s masterwork, a vivid and beautiful reflection on Rembrandt’s painting of the return of the prodigal son (1669), one of the most well-known parables of the Gospel. I am quite sure many have read this book; however, it demands a rereading in this Jubilee Year of Mercy. We are invited to go back to this very special gem.

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OGF 9/2015 When prophets speak…

Pope Francis’ addresses to Priests and Religious in his journey to Cuba, to the United States of America. Text word OGF 2015-9 When prophets speak Text PDF  OGF 2015-9 When … Continua a leggere

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OGF 8/2015 – Pope Francis’ address to clergy and religious.

OGF 8/2015: File Word OGF 2015-8 Pope Francis’ address to clergy, religious and seminarians File PDF   OGF 2015-8 Pope Francis’ address to clergy, religious and seminarians “Never forget you were … Continua a leggere

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OGF 7/2015 – Pope Francis’ mini social encyclical.

OGF 7/2015 File word: OGF 2015-7 Pope Francis’ mini social encyclical File PDF : OGF 2015-7 Pope Francis’ mini social encyclical « May the cry of the excluded be heard in … Continua a leggere

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OGF 6/2015 – Guidance Map for Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’

OGF 6/2015: File word: OGF 2015-6 Guidance Map for the Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ File PDF : OGF 2015-6 Guidance Map for the Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ Guidance Map for Pope Francis’ … Continua a leggere

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OGF 5/2015 – The Way of Man.

OGF 5/2015 File Word: OGF 2015-5 Buber – The way of man File PDF :  OGF 2015-5 Buber – The way of man The Way of Man according to the … Continua a leggere

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OGF 4/2015 – Problems of Midlife, according to Jung.

THE SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE OF MIDLIFE – Crisis and Opportunity ANSELM GRÜN, O.S.B. Problems of Midlife, According to C. G. Jung Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) approaches the problem of midlife from … Continua a leggere

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OGF 3/2015 – Love Provides a Last Chance.

Lent: Love Provides a Last Chance. By Hans Urs Von Balthasar. File Word OGF 2015-3 Von Balthasar – Lent, Love Provides a Last Chance File  PDF  OGF 2015-3 Von Balthasar … Continua a leggere

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OGF 2/2015 – The Promise of Life.

The Promise of Life: “I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly” John (10.10) by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP File Word OGF 2015-2 Radcliffe – … Continua a leggere

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OGF 1/2O15 To live the present with passion.

OGF 1/2O15: word ogf-2015-1-to-live-the-present-with-passion pdf     ogf-2015-1-to-live-the-present-with-passion APOSTOLIC LETTER OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS TO ALL CONSECRATED PEOPLE On the occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life. Dear Brothers and Sisters … Continua a leggere

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Living Advent 2014

OGF 12/2014 Living Advent God, in these last days, spoke to us through a son Father Cantalamessa PDF File:  OGF 2014-12 God, in these last days, spoke to us through … Continua a leggere

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“Yahweh, I have had enough!”

OGF 11/2014 “Yahweh, I have had enough!” “Yahweh, I have had enough! … I am no better than my ancestors” (1 King 19, 4) by Bruno Secondin It may look … Continua a leggere

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The Christian life is a most beautiful thing

Article of the Month 10/2014 (1) Remembering Paul VI in Africa (1969) Remember this always, the Christian life is a most beautiful thing! Visit to the Shrine of Namugongo Homily … Continua a leggere

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“Missionaries to yourselves”

Article of the Month 10/2014 (1) By now, you Africans are missionaries to yourselves. Eucharistic Celebration at the Conclusion of The Symposium of the Bishops of Africa Homily of Paul … Continua a leggere

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Closing Mass of the Synod on the Family

 Article of the Month 9/2014 (1) Closing Mass of the Synod on the Family and Beatification of Paul VI HOMILY OF POPE FRANCIS Saint Peter’s Square Sunday, 19 October 2014 … Continua a leggere

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The five temptations of the Synod

 Article of the Month 9/2014 (1) Pope Francis speech at the conclusion of the Synod At the conclusion of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, Pope Francis addressed the assembled … Continua a leggere

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Journey of Pope Francis to Korea

Article of the Month 8/2014 Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis to the Republic of Korea On the Occasion of the 6th Asian Youth Day (13-18 August 2014) HOLY MASS FOR … Continua a leggere

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OGF 6/2014 – Being lovable persons

Article of the Month 6/2014 Being lovable persons in order to have lovable relations Amadeo Cencini In the Spanish language (in the sweet idiom of Castile), the word amable, preceded … Continua a leggere

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OGF 5/2014 – In the Name of Jesus

Article of the Month 5/2014 In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen Introduction I asked myself, “What decisions have you been making lately and how are they a reflection … Continua a leggere

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OGF 4/2014 – The Easter Faith

Article of the Month 4/2014 The Easter Faith and its Meaning in History by José Granados. This is part of a beautiful article and inspiring meditation titled “Risen Time: Easter … Continua a leggere

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OGF 3/2014 – Lent with the Desert Fathers

 Article of the Month 3/2014 LENT WITH THE DESERT FATHERS. 40 days nourished by the Desert Fathers. ABBA ANTHONY THE GREAT (251–356) Anthony the Great, called ‘The Father of Monks’ … Continua a leggere

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OGF 2/2014 – The Blessing of Weakness

Article of the Month 2/2014 The Blessing of Weakness by J. R. Miller. “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect … Continua a leggere

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A Divided Church?

Article of the Month 1/2014 A Divided Church? by Hans Urs von Balthasar The division of the Church, brought about by sin, is rendered all the easier because of the … Continua a leggere

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OGF English 12/2013 (2)

OGF English 12/2013 (2) INTO THE DARK WITH GOD. A Christmas Meditation on the Incarnation, for a Troubled World. By Hans Urs von Balthasar. HANS URS VON BALTHASAR (1905-1988) is considered one … Continua a leggere

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OGF English 12/2013 (1)

OGF English 12/2013 (1) A Spirituality of Waiting By Henri Nouwen I would like to look at two aspects of waiting. One is the waiting for God, and the other … Continua a leggere

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OGF English 11/2013

Nine Ways Not To Talk About God by Raimon Panikkar For our ongoing formation in this month of November (in the context of the closing Year of Faith and the call … Continua a leggere

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OGF English 10/2013

Annalena Tonelli. I proclaim the Gospel with my life and I burn with the desire to continue to proclaim it out until the end. On the 5th of October we … Continua a leggere

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OGF 9/2013 – Interview with Pope

OGF 9/2013 – Interview with Pope Francis (extracts) I have a dogmatic certainty: God is in every person’s life Interview with Pope Francis Extracts fom the interview with Pope Francis … Continua a leggere

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FP English 8/2013

FP English 8/2013 Dear friends, This season offers (to some of us!) a time of rest and an occasion to be in touch with nature. For your holidays or a … Continua a leggere

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FP English 7/2013

FP.eng 7/2013                                                                                                          28 Maggio 2013 Jurassic Park and the Last Supper By Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP   Our story, the tale of the Last Supper, offers a … Continua a leggere

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FP English 6/2013

FP.eng 6/2013                                                                                                          29 Aprile 2013 The Rosary By Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. When I saw that I had been asked to talk about the Rosary, I must … Continua a leggere

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FP English 5/2013

OGF 5/2013                                                                         4 Aprile 2013 THE DIVERSITY WHICH CROSSES US Stella Morra Every Christian, to me, moves and works among others like the disciples of Emmaus. These were moving towards … Continua a leggere

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FP English 4/2013

OGF 4/2013                                                                            20 Marzo 2013 HOMILY OF THE HOLY FATHER POPE FRANCIS BEGINNING OF THE PETRINE MINISTRY OF THE BISHOP OF ROME Saint Peter’s Square – Tuesday, 19 March 2013 … Continua a leggere

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FP English 3/2013 (1)

FP.eng 3/2013 (1)                                                                  12 Febbraio 2013 AN INTRODUCTION TO LENT Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Contrary to what many think or feel, Lent is a time of joy. It is a … Continua a leggere

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FP English 3/2013 (2)

FP.eng 3/2013 (2)                                                                                                      12 Febbraio 2013 FOR A PEDAGOGY OF HOLINESS PIERA RUFFINATTO In the heart of the Christian life the gift of holiness shines as a free act … Continua a leggere

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FP English 2/2013

FP.eng 2/2013                                                                                                          4 Febbraio 2013 THE IDENTITY OF RELIGIOUS TODAY Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.   Many years ago, I remember going to my first meeting of the … Continua a leggere

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FP English 1/2013

FP.eng 1/2013                                                                                                          14 Gennaio 2013   Benedict XVI LECTIO ON BAPTISM IMMERSED IN THE FATHER, IN THE SON, IN THE HOLY SPIRIT Dear brothers and sisters, […] … Continua a leggere

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FP English 13/2012

CHRISTMAS 2012 – OGF 13/2012                                                                        18 Dicembre 2012 HOLY AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS   CHRISTMAS 2012 The Mystery made present for us for us  Fr. Aldred Delp S.J. Priest and Martyr … Continua a leggere

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FP English – Years 2011-2012

 ONGOING FORMATION ARTICLES 2011 – 2012 YEAR 2012 Link: OGF 2012-1 Here I am – New Year as a call.doc OGF 2012-2 Radcliffe – Religious Life after 11 September.doc OGF … Continua a leggere

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