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Prayer by Karl Rahner – To be an ‘inward’ person

I must live out the daily drudge and the day that is yours as one reality. As I turn outward to the world, I must turn inward toward you, and possess you, the only One, in everything. But how does my daily drudge become the day that is yours? My God, only through you. Only through you can I be an ‘inward’ person.

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Karl Rahner – The Mystical Way in Everyday Life

Karl Rahner’s thoughts on a theology of sleeping, which includes prayer, letting go, and dreaming.
We sleep away a good third of our lives. Hence, sleep belongs very much to our everyday life. Sleep is an act of trusting one’s deepest inner conviction, one’s own certainty, and the goodness of the human world.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner

O Lord God, I don’t wonder that my prayers fall so short of you – even I myself often fail to pay the least attention to what I’m praying about. So often I consder my prayer as just a job I have to do, a duty to be performed.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner

I should like to speak with you, my God, yet what else can I speak of but you?
Could anything exist unless present with you eternally, finding its true home and most intimate explanation
in your mind and heart?

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Prayer for hope

We ask you, God of grace and eternal life, to increase and strengthen hope in us. Give us this virtue of the strong, this power of the confident, this courage of the unshakable. Make us always have a longing for you, the infinite plenitude of being.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Incarnation

O God, whenever I think of Your Infinity, I am racked with anxiety, wondering how You are disposed to me. You must adapt Your word to my smallness, so that it can enter into this tiny dwelling of my finiteness—the only dwelling in which I can live—without destroying it.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – God of My Vocation

Can people really recognize You in me? Or can they at least grasp the fact that You have sent me as the ambassador of Your truth, the bearer of Your mercy? When this question occurs to me, it seems that Your Gospel of joy and for my brethren is to me, the messenger, only a crushing burden.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Hallowing of My Acts

You breathe on my attempts to be a person of kindness.
You touch my soiled efforts to reach out in forgiveness.
You hold carefully my desire to offer comfort and care.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Home­com­ing to You

Before You, all mul­ti­plic­i­ty becomes one; in You, all that has been scat­tered is reunit­ed; in Your Love all that has been mere­ly exter­nal is made again true and gen­uine.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Both every­day and Your day

I must learn to have both ​“every­day” and Your day in the same exer­cise. In devot­ing myself to the works of the world, I must learn to give myself to You, to pos­sess You, the One and Only Thing, in every­thing. But how? Only through You, O God.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – God comes to us continually

God comes to us con­tin­u­al­ly, both direct­ly and indi­rect­ly. He demands of us both work and plea­sure, and wills that each should not be hin­dered, but rather strength­ened, by the oth­er. Thus the inte­ri­or man pos­sess­es his life in both these ways, in activ­i­ty and in rest

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Find­ing You in everything

If You have giv­en me no sin­gle place to which I can flee and be sure of find­ing You, if any­thing I do can mean the loss of You, then I must be able to find You in every place, in each and every thing I do. Oth­er­wise I couldn’t find You at all, and this can­not be since I can’t pos­si­bly exist with­out You.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Plea­sures and disappointments

Is a tired and dis­il­lu­sioned heart any clos­er to You than a young and hap­py one? Where can we ever hope to find You, if nei­ther our sim­ple joys nor ordi­nary sor­rows suc­ceed in reveal­ing You to us?

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – The Path to You

I now see clear­ly that, if there is any path at all on which I can approach You, it must lead through the very mid­dle of my ordi­nary dai­ly life. If I should try to flee to You by any oth­er way, I’d actu­al­ly be leav­ing myself behind, and that, aside from being quite impos­si­ble, would accom­plish noth­ing at all.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – What would lift me?

Even if I should try to escape from my rou­tine by becom­ing a Carthu­sian, so that I’d have noth­ing more to do but spend my days in silent ado­ra­tion of Your holy pres­ence, would that solve my prob­lem? Would that real­ly lift me out of my rut?

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – Escap­ing from my exile

How can I turn myself toward the one thing nec­es­sary, toward You? How can I escape from the prison of this rou­tine? Haven’t You Your­self com­mit­ted me to it? And didn’t I find myself already in exile, from the very first moment I began to real­ize that my true life must be direct­ed toward You?

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – What final yield?

And what will I myself be at that hour, when I am only myself and noth­ing else? But when the heavy weight of death one day press­es down upon my life and squeezes the true and last­ing con­tent out of all those many days and long years, what will be the final yield?

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – The ware­house of my soul

My soul has become a huge ware­house where day after day the trucks unload their crates with­out any plan or dis­crim­i­na­tion, to be piled hel­terskel­ter in every avail­able cor­ner and cran­ny, until it is crammed full from top to bot­tom with the trite, the com­mon­place, the insignif­i­cant, the routine.

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Prayer by Karl Rahner – God of my dai­ly routine

When it stands before You and Your infal­li­ble Truth­ful­ness, doesn’t my soul look just like a mar­ket place where the sec­ond-hand deal­ers from all comers of the globe have assem­bled to sell the shab­by rich­es of this world? Isn’t it just like a noisy bazaar, where I and the rest of mankind dis­play our cheap trin­kets to the rest­less, milling crowds?

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Living into Mystery: Karl Rahner’s Reflections

The remarkable, unusual, but obvious thing about my spiritual life was that all the new situations somehow revealed and brought home the one same ancient and genuine future—by pointing ever and again toward God and His life

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Karl Rahner on what it means to love Jesus

“One can love Jesus, love him in himself, in true, genuine, immediate love.” “You’re actually only really dealing with Jesus when you throw your arms around him and realize right down to the bottom of your being that this is something you can still do today.”

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FP.esp 2/2014 – La cuaresma de nuestra vida

La cuaresma de nuestra vida. Por Karl Rahner, s.j. En el año litúrgico hay un tiempo consagrado a la penitencia. ¿Debemos extrañarnos por ello? Entendemos bien que en siglos anteriores … Continua a leggere

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FP English 8/2013

FP English 8/2013 Dear friends, This season offers (to some of us!) a time of rest and an occasion to be in touch with nature. For your holidays or a … Continua a leggere

02/08/2013 · Lascia un commento 8/2013 Denis Edwards – La deificazione della creazione

Per le vacanze o un momento di riposo, vi propongo una riflessione del teologo cattolico australiano Denis Edwards: “Il compimento finale: la deificazione della creazione”.
Che cosa significa il compimento finale per le creature non umane? Quale sarà il modo in cui l’immensa creazione può essere pensata prendere parte alla resurrezione di vita?  Sono certo che le sue riflessioni saranno sorprendenti per molti di noi!..

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FP Français 8/2013

FP Français 8/2013 Chers amis, Cette saison offre (pour certains d’entre nous!) un temps de repos et une occasion d’être en contact avec la nature. Pour vos vacances ou un … Continua a leggere

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