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Witnesses: Annalena Tonelli, Mother Teresa of Somalia

An Italian lawyer and social activist, she volunteered to the service of the poor and sick for 33 years in Africa. At an early age, Annalena Tonelli (1943 – 2003) was attracted by the example of the radical Christianity of Blessed Charles de Foucauld and, in an extraordinary way, imitated his example.

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Mons. Miguel Sebastian, du Tchad

L’année 2019 se termine avec cette bonne nouvelle mais toute l’année a été très riche pour moi. J’ai continué à m’enrichir des nombreuses rencontres individuelles, chez moi, et ecclésiales lors de mes visites pastorales. Rencontrer les autres est très important et j’arrive à connaître, petit à petit, tous les gens

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World Mission Day 2019. Catholic Church Statistics 2019

This missionary mandate touches us personally: I am a mission, always; you are a mission, always; every baptized man and woman is a mission. People in love never stand still: they are drawn out of themselves; they are attracted and attract others in turn.

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Mission avec Thérèse

Avec la Fête de Sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus, commence le Mois Missionnaire. L’Église nous propose de vivre ce mois de la Mission avec sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus, Patronne des missions.

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Why Pope Francis’ focus on mission makes Catholics uncomfortable

What is the source of the tensions and conflicts we have in the church today? I believe the reason for the uneasiness is the pope’s emphasis on mission. There is a profound difference between a church that is a nest or a niche, in which one can find peace, tranquility and seeming stability, and a church that sees itself as missionary.

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Vocation Story: Uganda – The courage to leap

Many things occur in life outside of our direct control or effort to make them happen. When you revisit them through your memory, you discover that what mattered most is not that you tried hard, but that you said “yes” to what you felt it was right, and you had the courage to jump, not knowing where you would land.

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OGF 6/2019 Need for structural changes in Mission

The world is in transformation, and so is mission today. We all notice the changes in the world around us, in the fields of digitali­zation, globalization, communication, as well as some negative effects such as: the com­plexity of the digital world, the problem of cultural and religious identity, and the loneli­ness of modern human beings.

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Lettre de Pâques de Mgr Miguel Sebastián, nouvel évêque de Sarh

Il y a une chose claire pour moi : je ne peux pas me taire devant certaines situations ! Lors de mes dernières homélies à la cathédrale, qui sont retransmises par la radio diocésaine, j’ai déjà dénoncé ce qui se passe.  Je sais que ma voix sera comme celle du prophète qui crie dans le désert, mais je continuerai à crier.

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Sri Lanka: Comboni Missionary sisters in a tea plantation

Sri Lanka is an island country located in the Indian Ocean off the south eastern coast of India. Since March 2012, the Comboni Missionaries are present in this country with a community in Talawakelle, the mountainous heart of the country, a paradise between tea plantations and waterfalls.

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South Sudan: Blessings in disguise

“We are three Comboni Missionaries who serve a parish of around 25,000 Catholics spread over about eighty villages. Any place can become a chapel. We missionaries divide and visit these places as best as we can, usually two or three times per year. All journeys are on foot because there are no roads for vehicles in the county.”

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[Un regard critique sur la religion en Afrique] : L’Afrique demeure une terre de mission

L’Afrique est souvent, un peu trop précipitamment, présentée comme une terre de mission aguerrie, désormais prête à exporter son dynamisme de foi aux anciennes puissances missionnaires, notamment celles d’Europe.

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Missionaries of Africa: A great gift

This year, the Missionaries of Africa (also known as the White Fathers) celebrate 150 years of their foundation. The society was founded in Algeria on the 19th October, 1868, by Cardinal Charles Lavigerie and it focuses on evangelism and education in the African continent.

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P. Benito Amonini se congède de la mission au Congo

Je ressens comme devoir vous saluer avant de quitter le Congo dans l’intention de ne plus revenir. Après 56 ans de sacerdoce et 40 ans au Congo, je voudrais préparer ma dernière station qui me conduira à la RENCONTRE du Seigneur.

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Formation Permanente 7/2018 Texte word 2018-7 L_évangile comme mission Texte PDF 2018-7 L_évangile comme mission L’évangile comme mission P. Manuel Augusto Lopes Ferreira mccj À l’ensemble des réflexions que … Continua a leggere

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The Water Brother: “When people see me they see water!”

He witnessed hundreds of people being killed in his mission in West Pokot, north-west of Kenya. Several times he was threatened and attacked but he never left the missions. He has spent 42 years in the missions serving God’s people and he is still going on strong.

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A glass of water for the Kafir

While “salvation” and “paradise” are both held sacred and exclusively for believers by Muslims and Christians over the years, the unmistakable reality for all people of goodwill is that the invitation is universal. The janna of the Koran, the paradise of the Bible, the kingdom of Allah – God, is for every human being.

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Ecuador: To Live And Share My Faith With Others

Comboni Father Seraphin Kakwata, Congolese, shares his experience being amongst afro-descendent communities in S. Lorenzo parish, in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

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Kenya: A Horizon-Less Frying Pan

Comboni Missionary Father Mitiku Habbthe from Ethiopia is working with the Turkana in the remote north-western part of Kenya, a semi-desert area, shares his experience.

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One family with non-Christians

Violence committed against each other, unfortunately, emphasizes the stark differences among believers of different religions. But it is also not surprising that acts of mercy and love, the characteristics of one and the same God, can bind people of different religions together.

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Kenya: Pökot Marriage

The Pökot people live in West Pökot County and Baringo County in Kenya and in the Pökot District of the eastern Karamoja region in Uganda. They are estimated to be around 700,000. Like many other people they are going through a profound transformation.

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South Sudan: Reconciliation Paths

In a country ravaged by war, forgiveness is the contribution Christians can offer to a society divided along ethnic lines and rivalries. A missionary in South Sudan shares a couple of stories on how his teaching brought about pardon, mutual acceptance and peace.

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Mission at the foot of the volcano

A Comboni missionary, assigned at the outskirts of a town in Peru, at the foot of an active volcano, recountes how the Comboni charism has touched the lives of people and how collaboration in facing challenges to spread the Gospel has made it a grace-filled adventure.

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The Gospel along the River

Comboni missionaries have been present among the Ashaninka and Nomatsiguengas indigenous peoples in Central Selva, Peru. Fr. Randy Recalde, a Filipino missionary, says that the presence of powerful drug traffickers and terrorists in the area are the main challenges to missionary work.

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Chad – At the heart of the people

A tiny group of Christians in a predominantly Moslem environment, determined to forge ties of friendship and dialogue in a society that still bears the wounds of thirty years of civil war. A Comboni Missionary community tells its story. 

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Evangelical Fidelity and personal satisfaction.
Our religious profession implies two dimensions: our life and our mission. In our life, it appears impossible to mark the boundaries between life and mission since everything in our is based on the evangelizing mission.

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Mission: Le courage de tout reprendre à neuf

Dès l’origine de la mission chrétienne :
Le courage de tout reprendre à neuf
“À maintes reprises et de bien des manières” (He 1, 1) : si Dieu lui-même a procédé ainsi, pouvons-nous nous en tirer autrement ?

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Annalena Tonelli: an inspiring missionary for today’s world

Annalena Tonelli: “I proclaim the Gospel with my life and I burn with the desire to continue to proclaim it out until the end”

Annalena Tonelli, Italian Catholic missionary, the “Mother Teresa” of the Somali people, was a remarkable woman, who lived in silence her life in the footsteps of Jesus Christ for 35 years, in a Muslim environment. Awarded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees with the prestigious Nansen Refugee Award the 25th of June 2003, she was murdered on the 5th of October 2003.

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L’Évangile, dans son essence, est totalement incapable de blesser personne. Si l’on va au cœur de l’Évangile, qui est le cœur de la Trinité, si l’on entre dans cette pauvreté selon l’esprit, si l’on apporte aux autres tout simplement un espace d’amour où l’on est agenouillé devant le mystère de leur âme, pour la laisser s’épanouir en Dieu, il ne peut plus être question d’offense.

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OGF 10/2014 “Missionaries to yourselves”

Article of the Month 10/2014 (1) By now, you Africans are missionaries to yourselves. Eucharistic Celebration at the Conclusion of The Symposium of the Bishops of Africa Homily of Paul … Continua a leggere

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Why the Koreans are converting to Christ

Lean Cows in Japan, Fat Cows in South Korea: Why the Koreans are converting to Christ and the Japanese are not? Asia has been a dream destination for Jorge Mario … Continua a leggere

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Pourquoi les Coréens se convertissent au Christ

Vaches maigres au Japon, vaches grasses en Corée du Sud : Pourquoi les Coréens se convertissent au Christ et pas les Japonais? Les deux prochains voyages que le pape François a … Continua a leggere

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Réveillez le monde!

Réveillez le monde! Entretien du pape François avec les Supérieurs généraux. Antonio Spadaro, s.j. Quand le pape François parle « librement » et dialogue, son discours a un rythme par « vagues » progressives … Continua a leggere

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La joie de l’Evangile

Evangelii Gaudium Exhortation Apostolique: Evangelii Gaudium  – La joie de l’Evangile L’Eglise est de sortie ROME, 26 novembre 2013 ( – Anne Kurian – « Une Église ‘en sortie’ / … Continua a leggere

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The Joy of the Gospel

‘Evangelii Gaudium’ Pope Francis First Apostolic Exhortation: Evangelii Gaudium – The Joy of the Gospel The proclamation of the Gospel in the contemporary world. Synopsis of the Apostolic Exhortation ‘Evangelii Gaudium’ … Continua a leggere

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